Custom Military Shadow Box Displays – Personalized Display Cases

custom military shadow boxShadow box displays or display cases tend to be quiet the ideal item for those who wish to display a wide variety of items that are special to them. A person can use shadow box displays to display a collection of items ranging from flags, guns, artifacts, watches, pocketknives, patches, coins, straight razors, eyeglasses, military medals, civil war relics and other such items.

In the case of flags and medals, custom military shadow box displays are widely used for displaying the burial flags of loved ones or memorabilia from one’s military career. The solid construction of these cases makes them true heirlooms that people can pass down from one generation to the next.

When it comes to building retirement shadow box displays or display cases, construction is mostly by hand. Many of the components used in the making of the display cases are from local resources, some of which include hardwoods like walnut, oak and cedar. When it comes to securing the corners of the boxes, manufacturers use biscuits. The cases also have built-in backs, not nailed on. They have glass for the viewing area but in some rare cases; one can find the boxes with plastic displays instead of glass. Those that have glass displays are of a much better quality.

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Each regular case has brass hinges and locking catches that come with a layer of foam and a colored felt backdrop. The case can also have two coats of lacquer for its finishing. A standard display case also comes with a set of keys and some sort of hanging hardware.

Retirement SHADOW BOX IDEAS come in a variety of sizes and shapes. A person can chose their desired size, material, color, pattern and design. The cases are highly popular and they are present in most homes today. Apart from their practical uses, the boxes are also ideal for keeping desired memorabilia based on emotional reasons.

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